‘The Last Stop: Understanding the Emerging Church Movement’ Interview with Gladys Ganiel & Gerardo Marti Published in Bearings

Bearings5CoverAn interview with Gladys Ganiel, who lectures in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation at ISE, and Gerardo Marti of Davidson College USA, ‘The Last Stop: Understanding the Emerging Church Movement,’ has been published in the Collegeville Institute’s Bearings magazine.

The interview begins on page nine and is based in large part on their forthcoming book, The Deconstructed Church: Understanding Emerging Christianity, published in May by Oxford University Press, and includes questions such as:

  • How do you introduce the Emerging Church to those who are unfamiliar with the movement?
  • What does the Emerging Church Movement tell us about the contemporary religious landscape? What is its significance as a modern religious movement?
  • Do you think the Emerging Church Movement will play a role in Christianity’s historical development?