Religion(s), Ethics and Cultural Engagement Lecture Series Begins 9 October

The School of Religions, Theology and Ecumenics at TCD is hosting a lecture series in ‘Religion(s), Ethics and Cultural Engagement’ in Trinity’s Long Room Hub.

Tuesday, October 9th 2012, 17.00-19.00

Prof Leo Lefebure (Georgetown University)

The Bible and the Buddha: Christian Interpretations of Scripture in Relation to the Buddhist Tradition

Tuesday, November 13th 2012, 17.00-19.00

Prof Tuula Sakaranho (University of Helsinki) and Dr Oliver Scharbrodt (University College Cork)

Researching Islam in Ireland – Issues and Challenges

Tuesday December 4th 2012, 17.00-19.00

Prof Paula Fredriksen (Hebrew University and Boston University)

When Christians were Jews: The New Jewish Annotated New Testament and its Goals

Tuesday 29th January 2013, 17.00-19.00

Prof Elaine Graham (University of Chester)

Ethics and Cultural Engagement in Post-Secular Public Theology

Tuesday March 12th 2013, 17.00-19.00

Prof Remi Brague (University of Munich and University of Sorbonne)

Philosophies of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the Medieval Cultural Space

Tuesday April 9th 2013, 17.00-19.00

Prof Emer Luc Reychler (University of Leuven)

The Role of Time in Conflict and Peace Processes