The Mediation School takes place in May, or April each year, for one week and has gone from strength to strength. This year 22 students attended – read their feedback here

The course and guest speakers offered us an insight into the complexity of mediation in theory and practice, including the variety of situations where mediation could be applied. We were made aware of our own strengths and weaknesses as potential mediators and negotiators, allowing us to acknowledge our own personal dynamics in the group. The hands on experience we engaged in, between different exercises, simulations, and practice was invaluable and helped put the lessons into context at the micro, meso, and macro levels.

Starting the course learning about the role and core values of a mediator, as well as different techniques of mediation, really set the group up well for the rest of the course, as we were able to apply what we learned to the next phase of teaching and engage with guest speakers, who were all excellent.

On a more personal note, the entire class was enthusiastic about the course and whose active participation lead to deeper relationships among the students as we got to know each other (and ourselves) better and differently. Yaser and Barret’s wonderful and hard-working preparations, coupled with insightful guest speakers, excellent class chemistry, and group reflection made for a unique and unmissable experience. No matter where we each venture off to next, everyone took away something valuable and positive from the course that will help us later in life.

Overall the Meditation Spring School was a great success.

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