Jayme Reaves Becomes First TCD at Belfast Student to Earn Ph.D.

imageJayme Reaves has become the first student based at the Irish School of Ecumenics’ Belfast campus to earn a doctorate, attending commencement exercises at Trinity College Dublin on Friday 13 April.

Dr Reaves’ doctoral dissertation is titled, ‘Safeguarding the Stranger: A Theology and Ethic of Protective Hospitality from the Abrahamic Traditions.’ She was supervised by Dr David Tombs.

imageDr Reaves’ research explores the provision of protective hospitality, namely in the acts which provide sanctuary or refuge for the threatened other in contexts of conflict.  This work is a unique contribution to the area of theology and theological ethics in that it both considers hospitality from an inter-religious perspective and widens the discussion related to the various actions found within the practice of hospitality itself.  Methodologically, the research is based in Christian political theology, utilizing specifically the methods of liberation and feminist theology, and is contextual as it focuses upon case studies of protective hospitality as practiced in the 1992-1995 Bosnian war.

It is hoped that Dr Reaves’ research will be useful for building inter-religious cooperative action and safe spaces on behalf of marginalized groups and individuals and create space to consider the development of a culture of courageous reciprocity and resistance to abusive power and violence through the memory of acts of protective hospitality provided in the past.

Images: Dr Jayme Reaves with Dr David Tombs; and with Dr David Tombs and TCD Provost Patrick Prendergast.