CPCJ-TJI Study Day in Belfast

Wednesday 16 April 2014 – CPCJ-TJI Study Day in Belfast, 9.30am-4.00pm

Info at: www.tcd.ie/iseFilm and speaker at CPCJ-TJI – 16 April 2014 Amnesty

Film and Guest Speaker: Amnesty and Reconciliation – Post-Conflict Justice in Brazil

Venue: Irish School of Ecumenics, 683  Antrim Road, Belfast BT15 4EG

Film: 9.30am Repare Bem (2013, 95 mins). A left-wing militant dies in 1970, after having been tortured for 109 days by the Brazilian military. His girlfriend Denise, imprisoned during her pregnancy, manages to flee to Chile after the birth of her daughter and meet her parents. But repression strikes again, with the Pinochet coup, forcing them to leave. After 40 years in Italy and Holland, Denise and her daughter are given amnesty and reparation from Brazil. Director Maria de Medeiros

Speaker: 2.00pm. Marcelo Torelly has served as advisor for the Brazilian Ministry of Justice on Transitional Justice issues and Head of the Historical Memory Department of the Amnesty Commission.

Organisers: The day is co-organised by the Trinity Centre for Post-Conflict Justice and the University of Ulster Transitional Justice Institute (free to all participants). It will serve as a follow-up to the seminar by Torelly at TJI on 15 April (details at http://www.transitionaljustice.ulster.ac.uk/tji_events.html) but attendance at the 15 April seminar is not required. There will be a break at lunchtime to allow attendance at INCORE Accounts of the Conflict seminar at the Public Records Office,

Contact: tombsd@tcd.ie

About the Speaker: About the speaker: Marcelo Torelly has served as advisor for the Brazilian Ministry of Justice on Transitional Justice issues; head of the Historical Memory Department of the Amnesty Commission (a Brazilian State agency in charge of reparations and memory programs for dictatorship victims), and manager of the Transitional Justice Exchange and Development Program jointly sponsored by the Brazilian Federal Government and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). He has lectured in the theory and philosophy of law at Brasilia Catholic University in the Brazilian capital. He holds a J.D. from Brazil’s Catholic University of Porto Alegre, and an M.Sc. from the Brasilia University Law School (UnB) where he is currently a PhD candidate. In 2013 he was a visiting researcher at the Institute for Global Law and Policy, Harvard Law School. He has published works on transitional justice and human rights in English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Background readings:

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