Annah Nyadombo and Ceri Wallington Named to Dean of Student’s Roll of Honour

Two students from the Irish School of Ecumenics have been named to TCD’s Dean of Student’s Roll of Honour. Annah Nyadombo, a doctoral candidate, earned the honour for the second year in a row. Ceri Wallington, a student on the one-year M.Phil. in International Peace Studies, was also recognised.

The Roll of Honour serves to recognise the learning gained by students outside the classroom through extra-curricular voluntary activity. This initiative aims to fulfil college’s commitment within the Strategic Plan 2009-2014 to implement a certification system to acknowledge students’ civic engagement, both within the College community and outside the College environment (p. 31).

Last month, the students were honoured at the Roll of Honour ceremony in the Dining Hall, which was addressed by Ms. Frances Fitzgerald T.D., Minister for Children and Youth Affairs.

imageAnnah Nyadombo spoke about her work with the Student2Student Programme:

In the academic year 2011/2012 I was one of the Student2Student volunteers who offered special help to students in the university. There are two main types of volunteers within the Student 2 student , namely Peer Mentors and Peer Supporters. Peer Mentoring Programme is to help first year students settle in the college. I was mainly engaged with Peer Support Programme which is aimed at helping students with some difficulties. These students need someone to talk to. Peer Support requires you to be trained so that you will be able to know your boundaries and to refer issues to professional authorities in the Counselling Service. This special training also equips you with the relevant skills for that special role; special emphasis is focused on developing listening skills which is the key to this role. Peer Support is a service to any student in the college. As a student I have benefited from this programme: it helped me to meet with peers, I gained experience of listening, being able to participate in the Trinity community, being able to plan, organise, and time management. I also learned life skills: self-discipline and commitment. I am very grateful for our Coordinator Ralph Astley who worked tirelessly with us.

imageCeri Wallington spoke about her work with Ruhama:

I have been volunteering for approximately ten months with Ruhama, an organisation that assists women involved in prostitution and trafficking.  My volunteer work is through the  Education and Development department and I have been providing literacy lessons and study support on a one-to-one basis, the aim being to further the women’s education so they have more opportunities in life while also building their self-worth.  The work has been immensely satisfying as the women I have been working with have made real progress and they have become visibly more confident; they have also been an inspiration to myself and it has been a pleasure to work with them and the organisation itself.

(Images: Annah Nyadombo with TCD Provost Patrick Prendergast and Ceri Wallington)