Mediation Summer School

The Mediation Summer School takes place over five days every year towards the end of the second academic term at ISE in Dublin. The aim of the course is to provide a practical introduction to mediation skills. The students gain an understanding of the process involved and begin to develop some of the skills of facilitating and approaching mediation. Through trained mediators and practitioners, the Mediation Summer School offers also an insight into political dialogue and conflict management practices and outline how to prepare for and conduct negotiations. The emphasis is on practicing skills rather than going deeply into theory, though there will be some theoretical inputs. The learning process generally includes short presentations, pair work, group role plays and guest-speakers. Over the past few years, Yaser Alashqar (PhD Candidate from Gaza of Palestine at Trinity College) and Eamon Rafter (from the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in Ireland) have successfully taught and facilitated this mediation course and it attracted 20-25 students. On completion, the participants receive certificates of attendance from ISE/Trinity College which are also useful for their future career.

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