Translating God(s): Comparative Theology in Europe

Translating God(s): Comparative Theology in Europe

This four-year research project (2010-2014), financed by a Marie Curie Grant of the FP7 European Research Framework of the European Research Council, studies recent developments and scholarship in Anglo-American comparative theology and explores its transatlantic transfer and reception in Europe, not only stimulating its own fields of intercultural theology, theology of religion, and interreligious studies, but also advancing distinct European comparative theological scholarship.

During the last two decades, in the American academy of religion and theology, comparative theology as the dialogical and theologically conscious study of religions has evolved as new and quickly developing field of research and scholarship. Scholars have produced an increasing number of studies that either the authors or others have identified explicitly as “comparative theology,” new scientific communities have been formed, and postgraduate study and research programs have been established at various universities. In Europe, with a few exceptions, this thriving scholarship and development so far has received little attention and has had little impact on its academy of theology and religion.

The goals of this four-year long research project are:

  • To initiate a research process in Europe on comparative theology with a research group comprising junior and senior scholars.
  • To carry out in-depth research and studies on the works of key authors in Anglo-American comparative theology (Ph.D. dissertation projects and other studies). Scholarships are available for Ph.D. students and Postdocs with suitable research projects.
  • To write a Handbook on Comparative Theology, so to situate and present the recent scholarship in comparative theology and the field in its complexity, and to allow for adding samples of new research, both by U.S. comparative theologians and European scholars, senior and junior ones, critically engaging in comparative and interreligious scholarship.
  • The collaborative process will be facilitated and enhanced by international expert seminars and two week intensive European postgraduate courses “Translating God(s): Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies” in Dublin, Istanbul, and Sofia / Constanta for postgraduate research students in the field.
  • Finally, a new European Network for Comparative Theology shall be launched.

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For more information about the ‘Translating God(s)’ intensive post graduate training modules, click here.