Online Visioning 21st Century Ecumenism Course Now Available

imageDr Johnston McMaster and Dr Cathy Higgins of the Irish School of Ecumenics have developed two exciting new online modules, appropriate for use by church and community groups. These modules were shaped in consultation with the School’s IRCHSS-funded Visioning 21st Century Ecumenism Project, and are titled ‘The Bible in Dispute’ and ‘Where in the World is God?’ The modules also draw on McMaster and Higgins’ vast experience of community education in Northern Ireland and the border counties, including their work with church fora throughout Northern Ireland.

Click here to access the website with the module materials.

Each module features a narrated video clip with powerpoint slides, as well as written lesson plans and student notes.

Topics in The Bible in Dispute Module include:

  • Introduction
  • Is this the Word of the Lord? Texts of Terror in the Hebrew Bible
  • But it’s Supposed to be Good News! Violent Texts in the Christian Testament
  • The Bible Critiques Itself: The Counter Witness
  • Jesus and Active Non Violence
  • Re-Visioning a Different Culture: Towards a Culture of Peace

Topics in the Where in the World is God Module include:

  • Introduction
  • God in the 21st Century
  • The Shape of Faith in a Post-Christendom Context
  • Together in One World: Ecumenism Today
  • Encountering Neighbour Religions in a Pluralistic World