Annah Nyadombo Named to Dean of Students’ Roll of Honour–Updated

imageAnnah Nyadombo, a doctoral candidate at the Irish School of Ecumenics, was included on the Inaugural Dean of Students’ Roll of Honour. The Dean of Students’ Roll of Honour serves to recognise the learning gained by students outside the classroom through extra-curricular voluntary activity.  The inauguration of the Roll of Honour also coincides with the European Year of Volunteering 2011.

On April 7th, three hundred and eighty five students who engage in extra-curricular voluntary activity were recognised at the inaugural Dean of Students’ Roll of Honour ceremony in the Dining Hall. Click here for further information on the Roll of Honour, and to read the address made at the ceremony by Dr Martin McAleese.

Sr Nyadombo’s range of voluntary activity is vast. She is involved in Student2Student Counselling, which helps fellow student to discuss issues on academic life, social problems, economical issues which might be a hindrance to their performance in college and also which can endanger life.  It is open to any student in college to have access to those who went through the training to seek for assistance.  She says:

The process has helped me personally to acquire different skills ranging from being able to listen to the story and skills tackling a difficult situation and to refer it to  higher authority.  We work in association with the Counselling Office.  All difficult issues will be referred to them they are always in support of what we will be doing.

Sr Nyadombo also works with CONCERN fund raising programmes such as selling raffles and work for the homeless, education, women and children especially orphaned children and HIV/AIDS sufferers. The organisation helps with  food for the poor and advocating  to reach out to the people in Africa. Further, she has been involved in the Religious organisation APT working for advocating for Human Trafficking in Ireland. She participates in activities and events  to bring awareness.

Finally, Sr Nyadombo is engaged with the Carmelite NGO  Coordinating Team. In 2010 September she was appointed to be a Coordinator  for the African Region.  This NGO is connected to the United Nations work on justice and peace and respect for integrity of creation. This work involves gathering information on the work of the Carmelite Family is doing in Africa and writing articles. She has organised groups to observe the Human Rights in December,  and in June praying about Climate Change and the importance of water.   This year the focus has been on Mother Earth. The main focus is working for justice and peace and respect for life and dignity for every  human persons.

For more information about volunteering in TCD, visit the Civic Engagement homepage.