Visioning 21st Century Ecumenism Seminar Series: 22 Oct, 2 Nov, 19 Dec

The Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin, will host a series of three seminars this autumn around the topic, ‘Visioning 21st Century Ecumenism: An Irish Contextual Theology.’ The seminars will be held on Saturday 22 October, Wednesday 2 November and Monday 19 December from 9.30 am-3.30 pm in the Long Room Hub, TCD.

The seminars are part of the Irish School of Ecumenics IRCHSS-funded project, ‘Visioning 21st Century Ecumenism.’

Representing the final phase of a three year process, this series of seminars is concerned with the re-articulation of the ecumenical project in light of the increasingly multi-religious and secular contexts of today. Taking, as its particular frame of reference, the rich resources which have been generated through reconciliatory responses to Ireland’s civil and religious conflict, the aim is to develop an Irish contextual theology which will contribute, at the global level, to an ecumenical vision for the 21st century. The seminars will address the issues through the lenses of ethics, theology and ecclesiology.

Reshaping the Ethical Imagination – 22 October


‘Public theology in an Irish Key,’ Enda McDonagh

‘Restoring the Fabric of Irish Economic and Social Life,’ Gerry O’Hanlon

‘Relations of Reciprocity: Contemporary Religiosity and Convictional Pluralism,’ Celia Kenny

‘Public Theology of Reconciliation,’ David Tombs

‘Broken Dialogue, Fractured Faith and Elusive Truth,’ Peter Admirand

In Search of an Irish Church – 2 November

The Nature and Mission of the Church: A Global Perspective,’ Peter de Mey

Respondents: Adrian Cristea, Mark Patrick Hederman, Anne Thurston

‘The Ecclesial Shape of Repentance,’ Andrew Pierce

‘Addressing the Legacy of Abuse: Ecumenics as Resource and Method,’ Geraldine Smyth

Embedded Memory and the Theological Contours of Division – 19 December

‘Unfinished History: Religion and Identity in Ireland,’ Marianne Elliot

‘The Theological Contours of Division,’ Alan Ford

‘The Churches and Embedded Memory,’ Oliver Rafferty

The seminar series is free and lunch will be provided. To register, please RSVP

You can download a poster about the series here.