Prof. Felix Wilfred Lecture Series

The Irish School of Ecumenics, TCD, is hosting a public lecture series by Prof. Felix Wilfred of the University of Madras, India, on ‘Indic Religions and Southasian Diasporas: Towards Religious Cosmopolitanism,’ January-April 2011 in the Long Room Hub, TCD, on Thursdays 7.30-9.00 pm.

Note: Change of Venue for Feb 10 Lecture of Prof. Felix Wilfred (Indic Religions and Southasian Diasporas Series)

Please note that Prof. Wilfred’s next lecture on Feb 10, 7:30pm will be held in the seminar lecture room of the IIIS on the 6th Floor of the ArtsBloc at Trinity College instead of the Long Room Hub (as originally planned). Sign posts will direct you from the LRH to the IIIS. Due to this venue change, please, do try to come along a little earlier. The upcoming lecture will be on the theme: “Indic Religions, Migrations, and Southasian Diasporas”. Everyone interested is most welcome to attend.

A poster about the lectures can be accessed here.

The schedule of the lectures is:

January 27: Europe and India in Dialogue: Crisis of Secularism and Hope for Peace

February 3: The One and the Many: Religious Pluralism – An Asian Perspective

February 10: Indic Religions, Migrations, and Southasian Diasporas

February 17: Indianness of Christianity and South Asian Christian Diaspora

March 15 (Tuesday): Indic Religions and Sexuality: Interreligious Frontiers and Gender Constructs

March 24: Religions Before the Tragic: Encountering Evil and Suffering

March 31: Religious Conversion – Cultural Horizons and Political Frontiers

April 7: Indic Religions, Poverty and Social Justice – Facing Unfinished Projects

Please note that parking will not be available on the TCD campus.