Peter Rollins Talk in Belfast Sept. 5, 7.30 pm

Dr Peter Rollins, a Research Associate with the Irish School of Ecumenics in Belfast, will give a public lecture on ‘The Apocalypse isn’t Coming, it’s already Happened,’ on Monday 5 September at 7.30 p.m. in the Black Box Cafe, Hill Street, Belfast.

Rollins describes the content of the talk this way:

Fundamentalist Christianity has long expressed a view of apocalypse as some future event that will consume the present world and replace it with a new one. Yet while this is a bloody and destructive vision I will argue that it is inherently conservative in nature and nowhere near violent enough to warrant the name “apocalypse”. For those who hold to such a vision are willing to imagine absolutely everything around them changing so that their present values and beliefs can remain utterly unchanged. In contrast I will argue that a Christian apocalypse describes something much more radical, namely an event that fundamentally ruptures and re-configures our longings, hopes and desires rather than simply positing a future world where they will be fulfilled.

This talk will outline an alternative theological vision that transcends the usual distinctions between theist and atheist, sacred and secular, belief and doubt. A vision that turns away from the actually existing church and outlines a faith that is not concerned with the question of life after death but rather with the possibility of life before death.


More information, including the location of the venue and how to RSVP, are available on Rollins’ website. He also will be accepting donations on the night.