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Lecture Series 2013-14: The Role of Time in Conflict and Peace Processes

RELIGION(S) | ETHICS | CULTURAL ENGAGEMENT LECTURE SERIES 2013 – 14 (TLRH in association with the School of Religions, Theology and Ecumenics). ‘The Role of Time in Conflict and Peace Processes’ This lecture draws attention to the role of time in conflict and peace building. Professor Luc Reychler (University of Leuven) Date:              Wednesday 12 March […]

Judaism and Jewish Christian-Relations: One Day Interreligious Studies Conference

Thursday, 13th March 2014, 10.15am to 4.45 pm. Directed by: Rev Professor Dr Peter Scherle, Director of Theological College, Herborn, Germany; member of ISE Trust Council. General Theme: The Church and the People of God –Christian Identity in the Face of Judaism. Specific Themes: The Parting of Ways: Jewish-Christian-Relations through the Ages; Jewish and Christian […]